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    “Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”

    “The Dawn of a New Universe”: Where human personality develops and ripens into universal love and brotherhood irrespective of caste , creed, religion or region. It is a new world free from ignorance, prejudice and poverty . It is an eternal march for Visvodaya towards the cherished goal.

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    To Provide the society with a center of learning that motivates, supports and encourages the youth to evolve into dynamic Professional with a social commitment.

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    - Achieving self sufficiency on all fronts to ensure qualitative Teaching-Learning Practices.
    - Providing Quality Education, Student-Centered Teaching-Learning Processes and State-of-the-art infrastructure for professional aspirants hailing from both rural and urban areas.

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About Us

Visvodaya was founded in 1952 by celebrities like Justice P.V.Rajamannar Devi Prasad Roy Choudary, Dilip Kumar Roy , AMC.G.tampose, I.C.S (Retd) and a few others. Its Visitor is SR.Sankaram, I.A.S(Retd). The Society was conceived not only as a center of education but also as an instrument of Social-Service. Its Chief objectives are academic excellence, social justice, cultural richness and human ennoblement. Its motto is,

“Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”

Why Us


We encourage our students to use technology to build on the concepts discussed and workshopped in class.


As educators, our faculty members are remarkably accessible and present. Professors are regularly on campus and easily accessible.

Practical Training

At VTA Practical experience has always been and continues to be a high priority across all our study programmes.

Our research-inspired learning

Our aim is to look beyond the obvious and come up with useful, tangible ways that have a transformational impact on the world.

Our Courses

  • Civil

    Making people more Civilized.

    Civil Engineering is a broad discipline that covers many aspects of our everyday lives, from the provision of safe drinking water to the design of transport systems.

  • Electrical & Electronics

    Attitude Amplified, Faults Rectified

    Electrical and electronic engineering impacts upon almost every area of our lives, including communications, commerce, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, transport, energy and the environment.

  • Mechanical

    Do it with less stress and strain

    Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines and has one of the oldest histories. It is an evergreen branch of engineering with ample job opportunities.

  • Electronics & Communication

    Recreating the Intelligence

    The design and application of large and small scale electronic systems to process and transmit energy and information.

  • Computer Science

    Simplifying the complex things

    This specialist stream of Computing focuses on how software is engineered to form complex computing systems.

  • MBA

    Simplifying the complex things

    The department encompasses strategic and entrepreneurial management, as well as the management of people and organizations across national and cultural borders.

  • MCA


    The vast prowess of the Indian Software Sector is now universally respected and eagerly sought after. It is the only sector which is constantly expanding and offering rewarding rem unerations.

What our Student says

My experience of studying with VTA was amazing. The professors are lively, engaging and their knowledge is tremendous. I felt that they engaged with us as peers, rather than students, and were so happy to be to be teaching us.


Harish Babu A

Ex. Student

Civil Engineering

Studying with VTA provides an enjoyable opportunity to engage with up-to-date academic ideas in a variety of disciplines, with like-minded people, guided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable professors.I loved every aspect of the course.


Bhargav K

Ex. Student

Mechanical Engineering

VTA is the best modern college to attend. There are so many great facilities which help improve our academic skills and help with our professional progress. All the staff members and professors are very, very helpful. I always knew this was going to be the right place.


Atchyuta Pavan I

Ex. Student

Computer Science